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azithromycin use in hindi Join our Group, Get Support, be Empowered. Traditional Male Support Systems for many of us, in many communities, lack a comprehensive opportunity for men to step fully into their authentic selves. At the Empowered Man Project our goal is to nurture a healthy balance of Masculinity, vulnerability, and give Men a community that allows them to grow, be authentic, not bottle up their feelings and show up 100% to share their gifts with the world, their Wives, Friends, Partners, Children, and each other!


Empowerment Retreats Coming Soon! In a very short time we have learned that strength comes in numbers. The Empowered Man Project is growing very quickly, the last time the core starting members got together we truly learned what we were capable of and were honored to be part of a group that raised thousands for charity, fed 100s of homeless and learned new strategies to both ask for support, and offer it!

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The Empowered Man Project – In this case TEMP stands for 100% 100% of the time!


“William is committed to being in service, to showing up for you fully, and inviting you to step into the greatest version of yourself.”
Becca T
Artist/ Oil Painter
"I would recommend anyone who is looking to honor their emotions and to take their life to the next level to work with William. He is patient and firm and will guide you to incredible results in your life."
"Since working with Will, I have been challenged to be honest with myself in a non judge mental way, that has allowed me to reconnect and reevaluate some of my most dear relationships"
"I know William to be an authentically generous and supportive man whose gift for seeing the best in people is needed and appreciated. "
Mary E
Business Owner


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